How to present the tenants on the shopping mall web site?

Защо е важна професионалната форография?

As the marketing manager of Sofia Ring Mall for the intense period of its opening, one of my tasks was the project for the structure, content and timely launch of the new company web site. The old web site was with outdated design and content, as well as not responsive. We needed a brand new web site in less then 40 days. Me and my team managed to launch phase one just in time for the opening of the shopping centre.

As I  did not have enough time to pitch for photographers (landed the assignment very short time before the opening of the mall), combined with my passion for photography I decided to use my Canon 5D Mark II  and photograph most of the new tenants’ shops for phase one of the new web site launch. In phase two the concept for the photographs changed a little and new photos were uploaded.

In this post you can see just few examples of my shopping centre interior photography.


Why it is really important for the tenants to be presented in their best on the web site?

  • The photography on your web site is sometimes the first impression of the visitors. And the first impression is always the most important. This is why you have to make it memorable
  • One image is thousand words. And when it is high quality, it is more than thousand words
  • The quality presentation of the tenants by means of professional photography creates a positive brand image
  • The shopping centre tenants expect to be presented best by the mall management. And the mall management should meet their high expectations – all of them
  • Usually there are more than 100 tenants in a shopping mall. In order to create a consistent presentation, the marketing manager should organise the photography for all of them, and not expect the photography from their side
  • Showing professional photography of all the shops and restaurants increases the brand awareness of the shopping centre and makes it much more competitive in the market
  • Tenants will be happy  and this matters a lot


And here some useful tips from me:

  • Whenever a new tenant opens a shop, you should immediately organise a professional photo session for their new shop and upload it on the web site. Do not expect the tenant to send you the photos. Be proactive. The new opening should be promoted on the social media channels too
  • If the web site system allows it, upload more than one photo of the shop. If possible upload 2-3 photos, including an interior one
  • Present the photos on the web site with the biggest possible view – in this way they are much more impressive. If they look small on the web site, at least allow the option for a zoom
  • If you decide to show people in the photos make sure that you have their written permission. The photos are with advertising purposes, this is why you either need to pay professional models or blur the faces of casual mall visitors. In any case you will need the written permission of all people on the photos to use them for advertising purposes – this is how the professionals work
  • Photos should be with very good light and in focus. There is nothing worse that dark and blurred photo for advertising
  • When to plan the photography session? The best would be when the mall just opens and it is not yet full of people. Maybe around 10-11 am
  • Duration of the photo session? It depends of how many shops should be photographed. Sometimes it may take one or two shooting days
  • One remark for the holidays decorations and sales stickers: the best would be to plan the photo session out of the holiday seasons, as well as Sales periods. It is not ok if the visitor opens the web site to see a Sale and when he visits the mall to be disappointed that there is no sale. Or if there is a Christmas decoration on the photos – think how the photo will look like in the hot summer?



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