How rhythmic gymnastics helped me in business

How rhythmic gymnastics helped me in business



When I was a child I was practicing rhythmic gymnastics. I started at very early age – before I went to school. I trained daily in a team for seven long years and have one or two gold medals. I never managed to go to big international tournaments, because I stopped training to stress on my education. But this beautiful sport taught me many lessons and shaped me later as one professional business lady . Here are just some of them:

  • Persistence and perseverance. I learned and practiced that even when you feel pain you can still dance beautifully
  • I learned to believe in myself and my abilities
  • I learned to manage alone in very difficult situations and not to give up when there are challenges
  • To smile even when I do not feel like smiling
  • To plan my time and always have a strict schedule
  • When I do something to concentrate 100 % and to be dedicated
  • To play in full synchrony in a team and to count on the other team members
  • I learned what is competition from very early age and how to handle it too
  • To aim for a victory and perfection – every day
  • I learned that in order to succeed you need to be on the move constantly
  • I learned that if it is hard, this means that it will be most probably very beautiful in the end
  • To fall in love in dance and music and to have fun even when I compete
  • I learned about style, grace and how to keep good shape and figure all the time
  • I learned how to explore new cities and new cultures from very early age and at times when it was very difficult for most Bulgarian people to travel abroad and meet with new cultures

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