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My love for marketing started when I was 7 years old. At that time my passion was to organize exhibitions with my paintings in the backyard of my parents’ house. Arranging  paintings, preparing  home made cakes for the guests, designing colourful tickets and selling them to passing by strangers was making me happy then and not so much changed now.

From early age  I have been passionate to work in marketing, PR and events planning. I love the numbers, but also photography and art. In this industry numbers and art live in a good harmony and this makes me happy.

I am very thankful to my career path that took me away from the backyard of my parents’ house and my home country to the amazing Wonderland, and part of my heart is still there. Thanks to this unforgettable  journey that lasted 5 years I met so many friends, mingled with new cultures, grew as much stronger and independent person and had the chance to manage the communication of exciting international brands. Not lastly I opened my first company in the Wonderland.

Today I am back here in my country, where it all started. And I am excited and thrilled to partner with many open minded and innovative people and together to expand your brand communication at new levels.



Sylvia is communications consultant with more than 16 years of international experience in the field of marketing, advertising, PR , events management and in the last years – brand building. In her corporate career she was working in the marketing and PR departments of some of the most innovative companies in the world including Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mini, Alpina, Chrysler, Jeep, Mitsubishi Motors, Agilent Technologies and more.

Sylvia’s retail experience includes working for Sofia Ring Mall – one of the biggest shopping malls in Bulgaria, where she was on the position Marketing Manager.


Sylvia speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian, as well as some German. She studied in the Sofia School of Mathematics, First English Language School Sofia (private student) and the University of World and National Economy, Sofia with Master of Science Degree in Economy, Major Commerce.

Following her passions she took a course in professional photography in the New York Institute of Photography and graphic design in the SAE Institute, Dubai.

You can see her detailed resume and recommendations on the Linkedin profile.


Part of Sylvia’s trainings:


  • AMG training – Abu Dhabi Yas Island
  • Product and Marketing training – Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Public relations training brand Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Digital training brand Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Social media training, Mercedes-Benz, Dubai
  • Brand management training – BMW Brand Academy, Dubai, UAE
  • Marketing and brand management course brand Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Goodwood, UK
  • ISO 9001 internal auditor course, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Fashion design course, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Photography – New York Institute of Photography, 1 year distant education
  • Graphic design – SAE Institute, Dubai
  • Painting courses


The industries Sylvia specialized in:

  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Advertising
  • PR


Sylvia is former artistic gymnastics.

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Reasons to work with Sylvia

  • Open minded professional with international experience, who will help you build your business to compete with the most advanced in your market niche
  • The international business experience with start ups will help you build a strong and competitive brand
  • Great attention to the detail and no compromise in the quality
  • Works in team with the best professionals in their field