Creative direction


Today it is vital for your creative vision not only to stand out but also to provoke an emotion in order to be remembered. To achieve this you need to know your customer and speak to him/her in his/her language. The visual should be in high quality and with a unique idea. You need to trust the most experienced designers, photographers and copywriters. The role of the creative director is to manage the creative team and lead it to meet the aims in the brief.

I am confident in this role because:

  • During the years I have solid art education in painting, graphic design, photography, as well as fashion design
  • In the last 15 years I managed creative teams, advertising agencies and many more
  • My eyes have seen and approved or rejected over 25,000 creative visuals in 14 markets for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, Agilent Technologies, BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Mitsubishi Motors and more
  • I have organised and supervised over 90 360 marketing campaigns – from the brief to the final implementation
  • I am 70 % right brained person