Innovation management


How to bring ideas to live?

How to find new ways and to be first in my industry to use new approach or a communication channel?

How to be different than my competition?

How creativity will help you foster innovation?

In today’s world it not enough to be better anymore. You need to be different.

Bringing innovations and change in the company is my biggest strength

This is the portfolio of some of my innovation projects working for the brand Mercedes-Benz in the Middle East markets:

  • Idea, strategy, training of the staff and implementation of the social media in DMEL back in 2008. Mercedes-Benz was the first automotive company in the Middle East to embrace social media. Today Mercedes-Benz Middle East has more than 1,400,000 followers and growing. Today Mercedes-Benz is one of the most likeable brands on Social media worldwide.
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Design Contest for the Middle East region
  • New Corporate Identity – how to photograph Mercedes-Benz used cars: I came up with the idea and prepared very detailed and illustrative manual of how to photograph the company used cars for advertising. There was not such manual in Daimler and it was accepted so well, that at the moment it is used in many Mercedes-Benz markets worldwide.