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LAUNCHub started the year with nine investments

Новини от LAUNCHub



The latest investment decision followed the Long Weekend Event held during November 28 – December 1, 2013 which was the culmination point of LAUNCHub fourth application run. During four days of intensive pitching, coaching and mentoring, 14 teams competed and  9 were successful in receiving seed investment funding of up to 200K Euro. The event proved that there is definitely a maturing startup ecosystem in the region, becoming more and more attractive to investors. In our latest selection run, most of the teams LAUNCHub  met were in a more or less advanced early stage, with proved traction, some with first sales, having gained first customer feedback and showing good knowledge of markets and trends. Pitching skills are getting better and better.

With the new 9 teams on board, LAUNCHub portfolio increases to 35 teams from 7 countries in Southeastern Europe – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Greece, and Slovenia and Ukraine joining in with the latest investments. More on the new teams:

Appticles  allows to mobilize web content creating great user experience. The platfrom targets publishers and is based on the Open Web concept & HTML5.

Greenpie  provides a cloud-based solution for nutritionists that automates nutrition counseling processes and connects nutritionists to their clients in real time.

Prefer.ly  facilitates social decision-making by extracting online reviews for different products  and transforming them into purchase decision advice.

WP Toolbox  is a marketplace for wordpress add-ons and pack of tools for bloggers and webmasters, including a unique platform for WP installation packs.

Equafy provides a multi-browser automated testing tool and service. The IaaS/SaaS solution allows for tests to be run on any browser and for automatic bug identification and analysis.

Mediately is a drug information mobile app and web application, which makes drug information easily available to doctors.

IQ Friends Social brain training games on mobile that people can play and thus train their brain in a fun and social way.

GameMatch is a mobile game discovery platform that helps players discover great games and developers find their target audience.

BGMenu is an online platform for food ordering and delivery including over 250 restaurants in Bulgaria, which increase in number every day.  Besides delivery, the Take Out option allows ordering on the go and pick up at the restaurant.



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