10 reasons to set up a business in Dubai

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Dubai is the Middle East’s most luxurious city and a world-class destination for travel, shopping, and leisure.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider expanding your business in the sunny Dubai or start up a new one:Dubai is the Middle East’s most luxurious city and a world-class destination for travel, shopping, and leisure.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider expanding your business in the sunny Dubai or start up a new one:

  • Dubai is a multicultural place. Availability of manpower

Dubai is a home of more than 200 nationalities living and working together in a good harmony. At the moment there are 2.5 million people living and working in Dubai. The number of the expat population is considerably more than the local Emirati people.

Approximately 50% of Dubai’s population is in the age groups between 20 and 35.

  • Safety

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. The laws are very strict, the penalties are really high and are collected regularly.

  • Infrastructure and location

The infrastructure in Dubai is very modern with high-speed highways and well-developed public transport, connecting all the neighborhoods. Not to forget that all bus stops are specially equipped with AC. The driverless Dubai Metro is state of the art and one of the most futuristic Metro systems, as well as views in the world.

The location of Dubai is very strategic. Dubai is a global aviation hub. At the moment Dubai Airport is number one in the world for passenger’s traffic, reaching the amazing 78 million passengers handled in 2015. In February 2016 Dubai Airport opened new a new concourse, which aims to boost the traffic to 90 million passengers annually.

  • Weather. High Quality lifestyle and hotels

The weather in Dubai is always sunny. There are only few raining days annually. This means that the weather is predicted and cannot spoil your plans. The weather in the winter (from November to March) is best and attracts millions of international tourists annually.

The international schools, weather, leisure pursuits and the availability of quality restaurants, list Dubai as number one lifestyle destination, above Majorca, Cayman Islands and Madrid.

There are more than 600 hotels in Dubai with excellent conference and meeting facilities for all budgets. The hotel rooms in the city are more than 85,000. In the end of 2016 additional 30,000 rooms are expected to open for guests.

The city is know for its nightlife too, with many modern and posh bars, beach clubs, exclusive restaurants, as well as hosts the most thrilling horse race in the world – “Dubai World Cup”.

  • No taxes

At the moment there is no personal income tax and no corporate tax. The import duties are low.

Nevertheless it was announced that a VAT will be applied in the UAE at a rate of 5%, 100 food items, health, education, bicycles and social services would be exempt from VAT. The implementation date is set on January 1, 2018.

  • Easy to open a business

Setting up a business in the UAE is easy and straightforward. With progressive, forward-thinking policies by the government, the UAE encourages foreign investors to invest in the oil-rich country. In the UAE the procedures for setting up new businesses have been simplified by the government.

The 2015 Ease of Doing Business Index ranked the UAE 22nd globally, 3 places up from 2014.

  • Dubai Free Zones

There are more than 20 free zones operating in Dubai. The company set up in the Free Zones comes with many benefits, such as:

  1. Allowed to open bank account in Dubai
  2. Fair renewal fees
  3. Owning properties is allowed
  4. Confidentiality of your business
  5. Tax exemption
  6. 100% ownership (no sponsor required)
  7. There is no restriction for doing more than one activity
  8. Local support is not hard to find
  • Headquarters

Dubai plays essential role as the main base of multinational companies operating out of the Middle East.

  • GDP

Dubai GDP is one of the highest in the world and growing (4.6 % in 2014)

  • Leadership with long-term vision. Confidence and “can do” attitude

Dubai developed and communicated its long-term plan and vision – Dubai Plan 2021. The plan addresses the development of the city in few aspects and 6 main themes:

The People: “City of Happy, Creative & Empowered People”

The Society: “An Inclusive & Cohesive Society”

The Experience: “The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit”

The Place: “A Smart & Sustainable City”

The Economy: “A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy”

The Government: “A Pioneering and Excellent Government”

We don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai


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