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The importance of the Employer branding

Today the potential employees are shaping their opinion for a company or a brand based on other employees opinions, not so much from the corporate advertising or the job description. This is why it is crucial to build one strong and consistent Employer brand, as well as positive organisation’s reputation. Employer branding is important for all companies, no matter of their stage of development – a start up company, expanding big corporation, a branch, etc.

Which professionals should work closely together to establish the consistent Employer brand and the image of desired employer in the market? 

HR managers and experts in co-operation with marketing and PR experts should work together in order to develop one strong strategy. The strategy should not be a short term one, rather the management should establish a vision for minimum 12 months and follow it step by step.

Who is responsible for initiating the process and approving the long term strategy?

The CEO should lead the process. Most of the companies on the Bulgarian market have already established their products or services communication. We all know who they are and what they can offer us. But what about their employees? Are they happy to work in this company? How do they discuss the company culture once they leave the office? Do you provide them with opportunities for growth and trainings?

Your happiest employees are your best Brand Ambassadors

They will always speak positively about your company and products not only when they work for you, but also years after they left the company. Your Brand Ambassadors are your best and most cost effective marketing tool, because they generate free WoMM for your brand.

For example I am a Brand Ambassador for the brand Mercedes-Benz, as well as the company Daimler. I speak about this company positively every time I share my professional experience, as well as recommend the products. Often I share Mercedes-Benz photos on my wall, or write positive comments even though I left the company some time ago. And I am not paid to do this.

Why? How did this company managed to create a Brand Ambassador in my face and I am sure in thousands more former or current employees? How did they manage to establish a strong international Employer Brand and today are one of the most desired employers? I will list just few of the reasons I love the company:

  • provides regular quality trainings on the job
  • has established fun and positive working environment with “can do attitude”
  • provides great social benefits
  • the management treats all employees with a great respect, no matter of their race, gender,  age, position, etc. (something that needs to be implemented in more Bulgarian companies)
  • most managers are leaders, not bosses
  • cultivates international working culture with daily exchange of news from around the world
  • when I signed my contract I had the option for a child support on a regular basis. I had no children at that time
  • many more

So how to create and maintain a strong and positive Employer Brand? It is not just the logo, it is so much more. And I have the receipt.

Review the list below and if you answer with YES to any of these questions, you need to start working on your Employer Branding as soon as possible:

  • My employees are leaving fast, sometimes they stay only for few months and leave
  • I have challenges finding talents in the market
  • My employees are not speaking positively about the company or are not motivated
  • When I post a job advertising, I hardly receive 5-10 CVs
  • My business is expanding and I need staff urgently, but it is so difficult to find the experienced people

If your answer is yes, contact me here to fix a meeting and start planning the strategy and the establishment of your positive Employer Brand.

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