13 things I miss from Dubai today

Dubai is amazing and unforgettable place to live and work. Few years in this Emirate passed by like few months. And today, back in my home country Bulgaria, I recall the smell of the desert, the warmth of the sun and the smiles of the hospitable people. What are my top 13 places and experiences I miss from my living in sunny Dubai, UAE? Here they are:

  • Burj Khalifa

I miss having coffee next to the highest building in the world, all the tourists with their cameras, the view from “The Top”, which you can not witness anywhere else in the world

  • Dubai dancing fountains

Watching the Dubai dancing fountains at night is one of the most romantic experiences in my life!

  • Dubai Mall

The best shopping destination in the city. I could easily spent 4 hours there on the weekends. Every time I went in Dubai Mall, there was something new to be discovered. Apart for the fashion shops, my favorite place in Dubai Mall is the tank with the sharks

  • The cosmopolitan city and all the business opportunities there

This was my first cosmopolitan city to live and work in. And the experience was unforgettable. Over 200 nationalities living in harmony in Dubai, so many new cultures and new friends from all over the world, that you could never have one boring hour in the city. The business opportunities are almost endless, the people are open to the new things, polite, smiling and ready to help you

  • The life next to the sea

This one I miss a lot. To wake up on Friday morning and head to our favorite beach just 10 min away from our home, to enjoy the never ending sunny summer days, the sand and the palm trees. To go shopping for a new swimming suite every few months. I wish I was there today, on our weekend beach!

  • The cleanness

It is really VERY clean in Dubai. And not only comparing with my home country. It is cleaner than many European capitals I have visited. I have seen people cleaning the sands in the tunnels at 2 am in the night. Streets are clean, pavements are clean, flowers decorations are everywhere – different and depending on the season. It is almost like in an aquarium. I miss living in such a clean city.

  • The events

Every day there are so many events going on in the town, that even if you are single, you can never get bored. Never. Events business in booming for sure in this sunny Emirate. If I was still living in Dubai, I am sure I would be working in the events right now. There are events for everyone – kids, fashion addicts, music lovers, etc. I loved the big concerts in Dubai and all the famous singers coming to perform.

  • The bars

When you are single, the bars are your favorite spots with your friends. I have 3 bars in Dubai, which I miss most and can not find anywhere else in the world: Barasti, 360 and Buddha Bar. In the weekends you could always find me there. Fresh sea breeze in the night, Martini in the hand and dance with good friends – perfect night for a single lady.

  • The roads

Not to mention that there are no holes, but roads are with 4-5 lanes only in one direction. Once you get to know them, they change them… Just like that. So every day you go to work on a new road. In this way you could never be bored on your way to work 🙂

  • My international colleagues

My colleagues were coming from 30 different countries in the world. At this was amazing. Working in an international environment can not be compared with working in your home country. You get to know so many new cultures, new business practices and become more tolerant at work.

  • Mercato Mall

My second favorite mall in Dubai. It is small, cosy, next to Jumeirah road and one of the kind. From the terrace on the second floor you can easily see the sea. I used to go shopping there few times a months.

  • The Shakespeare’s cafe

This romantic place on Jumeirah road became ours (mine and my bf’s) favorite place to have a coffee on Saturday morning. I can not find any similar place in Bulgaria and sometimes recall our quiet mornings outside.

  • The camels

First they were so interesting to me. I was curious to see them from close by. After few years living in Dubai I got used with them. And now I miss seeing camels in the city…

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