10 ideas to start your business in Dubai

From one expat lady

Dubai is a wonderful place to make business and to open your company branch, or set up a new firm. More for the reasons why to open a business in Dubai, you can read in my article 10 reasons to set up your business in Dubai.

Today I will highlight 10 ideas for business startups in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • Advertising services

If you want to be noticed in Dubai, you have to advertise your products and services to the right potential customers there. Most of the creative, marketing and advertising companies in the city are really professional and you have to know, that the competition in this industry is very high. But if you selected properly your niche and know your business, opening creative or advertising company in Dubai is a good idea. Also take a note, that the costs of advertising services in Dubai are much higher than, for example, in some of the EU countries.

  • Photography

This is really very good niche for this market. You can specialize in events photography, fashion photography, family photography, etc. Having operated photography business in Dubai Media City, I can assure you, that there is a good market for these services in Dubai. Of course you have to position your brand properly and create successful marketing strategy from the beginning.

  • Real Estate company

If you work in the real estate, for example in London, you may consider to move for few years in the sunny Emirate of Dubai. No need to list all the luxury projects in the cosmopolitan city, as well as the new constructions and amazing plans coming up soon. Dubai is  very vibrant, changing every day and every year you can see new projects finished and new skyscrapers on your way.

  • Retail company

Fashion, striking dresses, latest shoes models, most expensive bags… This is also Dubai. And once you have your loyal customers and established good business relations with the local shops, retail business sounds very promising idea.

  • Events company

Events are booming in Dubai – every day and every night you will be invited to many events. I personally received up to 15 invitations per day for different events in the city. You can specialize in family events, events on boats or yachts, company events, events in bars and on the islands, etc. You need to have very solid events management experience and work on a totally different level, than in your home county.

  • Company selling luxury goods

If you are selling luxury goods, do not miss to penetrate in the Dubai market. Blitz and glamour, this is what will win your customers’ hearts.

  • Jewelry brand

Selling Jewelry in the UAE is always a good idea – Swarovski crystals, Gold, Diamonds, as well as hand made jewelry, are what the local people and the expatriates are looking for.

  • Beauty products company

You can open a ladies beauty salon, or export your beauty products in Dubai. There is always a market for beauty products there. Ladies are taking good care of themselves in the UAE.

  • Recruitment company

Do you know, that for one open position in Dubai, there are sometimes 1,000 candidates? Also people are not staying on their positions for lifetime, they rotate jobs every few years or moving back home. This is why, working in the recruitment business in Dubai, is a very good idea. But you need to specialize in a niche and have a very good marketing strategy.

  • Cleaning services

If you have been in Dubai, you have noticed how clean everywhere is all the time. This is because cleaning services are very popular in the Emirate, and not only for home cleaning, but also for offices, streets, parks, etc.

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