Abu Dhabi. The beginning.

Living and working in my home country Bulgaria for 27 years, I was dreaming for more travels, to live in a sunny place with palm trees around and the sea in front of my door. I was talking a lot about this dream with friends, colleagues, etc. Somehow I felt, I will be living my dream very soon.

One day there was an advertisement in the Bulgarian newspaper for a position in Abu Dhabi, UAE just in the same industry I was working in, but for a competitive brand. I sent my CV and forgot all about it. I knew nothing about Abu Dhabi. Few days after I received a call from the GM of this company – I was invited to an interview with him in… Abu Dhabi! With all costs covered – plane ticket, hotel accommodation for one night, food, all.

I had to speak with my parents asap.

– I will go to an interview with BM

Ok – they said. Do what you want.

– But it is in Abu Dhabi.


– Abu Dhabi


My mother was in a state of a shock, and my father was rather excited from the news.

So, I packed my suitcase and jumped into the plane to Abu Dhabi, where I spent 24 hours for an interview, which turned my life upside down.

The story is long and my desert adventures lasted for 5 years. I am gathering them in an ebook and will share it with you.

Are you eager to read it?


Coming soon…



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