5 reasons to love Hatta

Пътуване до Обединените Арабски Емирства

When you hear Hatta, UAE what do you imagine? Sands, hot and humid weather?

These are not my impressions from the small but charming village Hatta, which is situated just 134 km form the city of Dubai.

So, here are my top 5 reasons to LOVE Hatta:

1. You can see mountains in the desert. Hatta is next to Hajar mountains and you can enjoy the different nature from this in Dubai

2. Hatta is one great and easy escape for the weekend. It is only one hour drive from the city of Dubai and the roads are perfect. As all roads in the UAE, of course.

3. Hatta is a charming small village with white houses cuddling in the mountain and surrounded by the desert. You can easily forget about the stress of the big megalopolis and really take a rest.

4. In Hatta you can see the blue sky in the summer months! Yes. Something you will not experience in Dubai in the summer.

5. Hatta Fort Hotel. One of my most favorite hotels in the world – green, with lovely pools and private small chalets next to them.


Still thinking if you should go?


Contact me and let me know if you need more tips for the region.

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