What is the best way to find a job in Dubai?

In the next posts I will share my experiences with looking for a job in Dubai and eventually finding my perfect one.

Let me start with a list with all must-haves, before we move to the specifics of the market in Dubai. I will list them here:

  • Work on your LinkedIn profile. Make it perfect. Connect with the people in your desired industry in Dubai on LinkedIn
  • Create a professional photo. Schedule for a photoshoot. Dress appropriately for the job you are applying
  • Make an audit of your social media. Delete your beach profile photos
  • Work on your personal brand online. All details matter
  • Review your your CV. Make it suitable for the position you are applying for
  • Forget about not showing your photo on the CV. Show it. This could open doors for you. Sorry, but this is true in this market
  • Use internet to find work
  • Dress well for the interview
  • Beware of your body language
  • Show on time for your interview

And here are some market specifics for Dubai:

  • Go to Dubai. It is really better to be present in the city for the interviews
  • Know that the job market in Dubai is very competitive
  • Be patient. It will take time. Not days. Maybe months
  • Stay positive. Everybody is positive in this city, so stay positive. It is really important
  • Be persistent. Don’t give up.
  • Network a lot. Network online and offline. Share what you look for and connect with the right decision makers
  • Go to seminars and events
  • Speak with somebody, who worked in Dubai (like me)
  • For every good job in Dubai, there are more than 1,000-2,000 people applying from all around the world. The competition is huge
  • You have to be different and stand out
  • You need to be very good in what you do to be selected for the job
  • List your CV with the local job recruiters
  • Do not use cover letters, no time for them in Dubai
  • If you have work experience in multinational company, like me, it will be a bonus for you
  • The Middle East work experience is also a bonus, but not obligatory, unless stated in the ads
  • You don’t have to speak Arabic, unless written in the job ad, but it will be a bonus
  • You MUST speak English
  • You need luck sometimes
  • You must know the local business etiquette 
  • You must dress appropriately for the job and the culture 


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