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  • 5 reasons to love Hatta

    When you hear Hatta, UAE what do you imagine? Sands, hot and humid weather? These are not my impressions from the small but charming village Hatta, which is situated just 134 km form the city of Dubai. So, here are my top 5 reasons to LOVE Hatta: 1. You can see mountains in the desert. […]

  • Abu Dhabi. The beginning.

    Living and working in my home country Bulgaria for 27 years, I was dreaming for more travels, to live in a sunny place with palm trees around and the sea in front of my door. I was talking a lot about this dream with friends, colleagues, etc. Somehow I felt, I will be living my […]

  • 10 ideas to start your business in Dubai

    Dubai is a wonderful place to make business and to open your company branch, or set up a new firm. More for the reasons why to open a business in Dubai, you can read in my article 10 reasons to set up your business in Dubai. Today I will highlight 10 ideas for business startups […]

  • 13 things I miss from Dubai today

    Dubai is amazing and unforgettable place to live and work. Few years in this Emirate passed by like few months. And today, back in my home country Bulgaria, I recall the smell of the desert, the warmth of the sun and the smiles of the hospitable people. What are my top 13 places and experiences […]

  • Morning thoughts on social media

    I love Facebook from its beginning and knew that one exciting change in communications is about to take place soon. I knew that the budget used for print and OOH advertising will slowly but steadily shift to digital marketing and social media. With these thoughts on my mind back in 2009 when I started my job […]

  • 6 myths about outdoor advertising in Sofia and not only

    Шест мита за външната реклама в София и не само От много време планирам да събера голяма част от опита и мислите за външната реклама на едно място и да споделя с повече хора с цел – брандовете да планират по-добре нужна ли им изобщо външна реклама, както и да помислят подходящ ли е криейтива им за […]

  • How rhythmic gymnastics helped me in business

    English When I was a child I was practicing rhythmic gymnastics. I started at very early age – before I went to school. I trained daily in a team for seven long years and have one or two gold medals. I never managed to go to big international tournaments, because I stopped training to stress […]

  • Some morning thoughts on Corporate Identity, brand building, Bulgaria and more

      Image credits: Maya Eye photography  This morning I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on Corporate Identity. We can define the Corporate Identity as the brand’s mission, vision and culture defined and collected visually in a special brand book, or CI manual. To have a brand identity is not only about the corporate logo. […]

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